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1) To identify the latest technical knowhow on various cultivars of horticultural crops based on the needs of the farming community at diverse locations & establish their linkages for better Quality & productivity through import and export.

2) To establish & maintain information centre for hi-tech innovation in the terms of varieties, crop production, organic farming, post harvest technology, effectiveness of herbal manure /fertilizers & climatologically information etc.

3) To collect information, classify based on the needs of the farmers and disseminate this knowledge for its implementation on cost effective basis for crop production.

4) To introduce /recommend better management of cultural practices for quality seeds production for different crops.

5) As a participative management to apprise adequately the farming community about the demand & supply of agricultural/horticultural crop seeds viz. vegetables, medicinal/aromatics, species and floriculture, so that they produce & market those crops varieties, which provide better economic returns.

6) To conduct & organize field training, crop demonstrations, campaigns on diseases epidemics, farm seminars and involvement of subject matter specialists for identification of problems & it's solutions.

7) To make acquaint the farming community with utility of various Inputs for better crop production/product & assist them in seeking the financial & non-financial I aid from NGOs, GOVT / PUBLIC Sector Organizing/BANKs and other allied national/international agencies.