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MISSION: To assist in the development of farming community by enabling them to imbibe, absorb and digest latest cost effective technical knowhow for better crops -farming leading to increase in their Socio-economic strata.

Economic development of every segment of horticulture is widely influenced by changing technologies of inter- continental scenario, thus no development can take place in isolation.
INTER-CONTINENTAL FOUNDATION OF HI-TECH HORTICULTURE wedded to identification of latest Hi-tech innovations & evaluate its feasible execution for its cost effective adaptations on large scale to augment the developing economy of the farmers of horticultural crops, which vegetable, spices, Medicinal & aromatic plants floricultural plantations crops.
It aims to enhance the income of farmers and assist then in the development of the human resources coupled with enriched nutrition viz. provision of vitamins, Proteins, carbohydrate, minerals and protective foods as medicines.
 Inter-continental Foundation of Hi-Tech Horticulture  "ifhh" wants to establish the linkage between self-realizable Hi-technologies on the horticultural crops and its  adoptions by the farmers in the rural mass accordingly "IFHH" stands committed to undertake effective steps in the formulation of strategies of horticultural & other crops etc. as a solution to problems encountered.